What is the Secret of Gwyneth Paltrow for Clear Skin


Potatoes make the skin healthy, smooth, soft, clean and able to master deleted cosmetic defects.Even the Gwyneth Paltrow use them  to get Clear Skin. The result of the potato  cosmetics is more than impressive. If along with facials, eat every day, 1-2 cooked (with peel) potatoes, will not happen.Potatoes are rich in beauty substances and therefore act and rejuvenating the skin and hair. To have procedures in potato effect, they must be applied on well-washed face. The properties of potato to stimulate metabolism, assist in the decomposition of harmful substances in the body and to enhance the protection of skin cells make it a good tool to beautify and “inside”.

Application of Potato cosmetics on the face and neck:

potato mask
potato mask


Water / without salt/ in which Bubbly peeled potatoes is a great lotion for the face and neck. Light massage with moisturizing potion in depth.

1. In normal and tired skin using a mask of grated fresh potato grater. It cleans and refreshes. After removing the mask, the skin is left to stand in air and only then pour himself with  water.
2. When dry, scaly, vintage or wrinkled skin, to mash  of finely grated fresh potatoes, add 2 tsp soy or almond oil and 3 drops of orange juice.
3. For oily skin with dilated pores and blackheads mandatory pre-made 20 – minute steam bath with lime blossom. Then brush with skin potato cream prepared from 1 cooked, mashed potato, 3 CMB. liters of milk (raw) and 1 CMB. l. finely minced rice flour. Everything is wrong until a homogeneous mixture. The cream removes the luster of the face.
4. In the dark, dirty skin or after sun tan opsipana with spots and freckles, is suitable Potato whitening mask. Prepare it from cooked and well-mash of potato mash, mixed with 1 CMB. l linden honey, yogurt and hydrogen peroxide. If you have oily skin, milk is replaced with clean raw tomato mash.
5. For acne  or blemished skin with redness 3-4 times daily face lotion is applied from the squi
ezed potato juice mixed which with infusions of herbs / plantain and thyme. Lotion to dry skin, then washed with warm and then cold water.For more free Beauty advice click HERE

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