Weight Loss with a Bouquet of Herbs

  • 1Marrubium vulgare L. -blade
  • 2Melilotus officinalis-blade
  • 3Mentha- blade
  • 4Agrimonia eupatoria L-blade
  • 5Hypericum perforatum-blade
  • 6Thymus serpyllum-blade
  • 7Cichorium Intybus-blade
  • 8Verbena officinalis L-blade
  • 9Melissa officinalis-blade
  • 10Malva-blade
  • 11 Urtica-roots and leaves
  • 12 Humulus lupulus-cones
  • 13Crataegus laevigata-     flower
  • 14Foeniculum vulgare-fruit
  • 15Pimpinella anisum-fruit
  • 16Llinseed

One tablespoon in 600 grams of water and boil for 6 minutes strain and drink … 3 times a day

A friend of mind lose weight – 20 kg in one mounth with this receipt ,its fantastic !








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    Magaret Morris

    Terrific information and tips. Looking ahead to shed a couple extra pounds. I’ll present some opinions soon after i try out this. Regards!

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